"Because the more we all raise our hands and share our OWN motherhood stories, the less alone you might ultimately feel in YOURS."
July 5, 2022

Episode 9 (Transcript)

HEY MAMAS, and welcome to Episode 9 of the Raise Your Hand Motherhood Podcast. I’m your host, Rae Lynn Minke, and today we’re talking about TIME (or rather - the seemingly lack thereof after becoming a mom)! 

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Aga Lawrynowicz about reclaiming our time (and….ourselves, really!). Aga’s a Seattle-based Life-Coach for busy moms, and she strives to help women ‘redesign their lives and win back their time’...now, does that sound spectacular to anybody else, or is it just me?! Aga and I talk about who she was before becoming a mom and a step-mom, how she went from a successful consultant in the oil and gas industry to a life coach for busy supermoms…and what she’s learned and now teaches others about the most difficult transition she’s experienced yet…..motherhood! If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had more time since becoming a mom, or found yourself missing the person you were BEFORE motherhood - this might be just the episode for you! It’s a great chat - so don’t miss it!

Later in the episode, you’ll hear from Bekah & Brook - they’re friends, licensed therapists, co-founders & creators of ‘In This Moment Box’ - it’s an experiential subscription box service designed for both children AND parents, and aims to make mindfulness an accessible and easy practice for the entire family. Bekah will share more about it later, buuut if you like fun gifts, pre-packaged educational crafts for your kiddos, and a chance to learn how to slow down and enjoy the moment….have a listen! I’ll have a promo code at the end of the show for any moms interested in trying it out!

Brook will also share her thoughts on ‘loss of identity’ after motherhood in this week’s segment of ‘Thoughts from a Therapist’!

OK Mamas, don’t go anywhere - I’ll be right back!




I was recently visiting with a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years…her 8-year-old son asked how long it had been since we’d last seen each other, and she told him it was about 2 years. He very wisely and hilariously responded, “WOW, Mom….where did the time go?”

I laugh now thinking about it, because I think it’s a question a lot of mothers ask themselves - on a PRETTY regular basis…..WHERE - DID ALL - THE TIME GO?? 

We all know it can be difficult enough to find time in the day for all the things that come with being a parent. For parents of newborns, time is eaten up by the eat, sleep, poop, try-to-remember-to-shower schedule. For parents of toddlers, time disappears into daycare drop-offs, pick-ups, meals, bedtime routines, and imaginative play. When our kids get a little older, we take them to soccer practice, or karate lessons, or we host sleepovers. And then there’s that never-ending laundry pile, the grocery shopping, the PTA meetings…..whew! Well, the days are full! 

It’s not surprising that we don’t have a WHOLE lot of free time leftover for ourselves. Or for doing the things that we used to do ALL the time….or even the things that make us (or MADE us) feel really good!

Aga Lawrynowicz is doing her BEST to help mothers claw back some time for themselves. As she puts it, “You can have fun, follow your dreams, and be a GREAT mom at the same time.” Let’s welcome Aga to the show, so she can share her story and her methods for busy mamas!





Hey Mamas - welcome back! Aga spoke just now in our interview about the importance of finding time for yourself….to just BE, but also to discover what it is you want out of your life…outside of, or alongside of being a Mom. It can be so easy to lose sight of who we are, and experience this ‘loss of identity’ as mothers. My next guest, Brook Sumi, licensed therapist, co-founder of ‘In This Moment Box’, and mother of 3, is going to share her thoughts on WHY we feel this way, and how we can address it AND learn from it.


Bekah Jasperson is also a licensed therapist and co-founder of ‘In This Moment Box’, and she’s going to share about their business, as well as how mindfulness can benefit you, AND your family.





Hey Mamas, as we’ve talked about in today’s episode, TIME IS PRECIOUS - and we should spend it wisely! So thank you for making the time to listen today….and I hope you feel ready to take some steps towards mindfully reclaiming MORE TIME in your daily life! 

I’m right there with you, Mamas…..trying to scrape out a few free hours EACH DAY for work, for self-care, for 2nd language learning…..and for so much more that just never seems to fit. 

I, for one, will be considering how I can make some edits in my life, to make time for more of the juicy….more of the things that I love doing…..and more of the things that I VALUE and want to model for my son.

Thank you so much again to Aga, Bekah and Brook for taking the time to speak with me for today’s episode. If you’d like to find out more about their businesses or connect with them on social media, you can find ALL the links in the show notes…..and while you’re there, don’t forget to download Aga’s free resource, TIME FOR MOM: 3 powerful tricks to reclaim your time. If you’re curious about getting more mindful as a family, and would like to try out the ‘In This Moment Box’, use the code ‘PODCASTMOM’ for a discount on your first box!

Speaking of time, maybe you can take a moment to help me out by talking about this podcast with somebody NEW this week. Help me spread the word so we can grow the community and keep finding interesting and inspiring guests each episode!

That’s all for this week, Mamas…..UNTIL NEXT TIME!!