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Jan. 1, 2023

Getting Confident about our Pelvic Floors with the @VaginaCoach

Getting Confident about our Pelvic Floors with the @VaginaCoach

Hey Mama, and welcome to 2023! 

Here's a question to start off the new year.....
How knowledgable and confident are you about the HEALTH of your pelvic floor?  

In today’s episode, I’m joined by a very special guest to talk about some VERY under-discussed topics - Kim Vopni is most commonly known and referred to as the vagina coach, and she’s here to speak with me about pelvic floor health - a topic that is important for EVERYBODY who is listening, whether young, old, pregnant, menopausal, or in some other stage of life or motherhood. We cover a lot of ground together in this interview, including some of the most common confidence-stealers women experience in regards to their pelvic health AND what actions we can take to RECLAIM that confidence!  

Kim wants everybody to know: "You deserve body confidence and it all starts with the pelvic floor! Despite what media will tell you, light bladder leakage is NOT ‘just part of being a woman’. Incontinence, chronic back pain, and organ prolapse are common challenges for women but they are not something you need to live with or accept as normal." 

Make sure you check out or sign up for Kim's next 28 day 'Buff Muff' challenge, which can help"take you from daily pads to leak free living."

Today's contributor is Kylie Kelly - she's a business coach for CEO Mom’s, specialising in virtual summit strategy. She is also a podcast host of 'This Mama Means Business' and is a boy mama of two, Spencer & Samuel. She helps female business owners build their perfect audience FAST through a simple holistic summit strategy - without wasting their time or money. See links below!


Where to find today's guest, Kim Vopni:
@vaginacoach on Instagram
@vaginacoach on TikTok
28-day 'Buff Muff' Challenge (starts on the 1st of every month)
The Audience Accelerator Private Podcast Series (Kylie Kelly)
'This Mama Means Business' Podcast (Kylie Kelly)


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Kim VopniProfile Photo

Kim Vopni

Vagina Coach

Kim Vopni is a self-professed kegel maven and is known as The Vagina Coach. She is a certified fitness professional who became passionate about spreading information on pelvic health after the birth of her first child.

She is an author, a passionate speaker, and a women’s health educator. Her most recent book Your Pelvic Floor launched in March 2020 and was on the bestseller list since pre-orders launched in January.

Kim is the founder of Pelvienne Wellness Inc - a company offering pelvic health programs products and coaching for women in pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. Kim also certifies other fitness and movement professionals to work with women with core and pelvic floor challenges through her Core Confidence Specialist Certification and Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification.

You can find her on-line at www.vaginacoach.com