"Because the more we all raise our hands and share our OWN motherhood stories, the less alone you might ultimately feel in YOURS."
June 14, 2022

E7 - Coping Strategies & Truth-Telling Essays on Motherhood

E7 - Coping Strategies & Truth-Telling Essays on Motherhood

In today's episode, we're talking about the many different ways we cope when the mental, emotional, and physical loads of motherhood feel a bit heavy. Sometimes, the coping mechanisms we use are good for us….and other times, they allow us to just make it through another day of motherhood! I definitely have both good (and not so good) ways of handling stress, and I just want to clarify that this episode is NOT about passing judgment on myself or ANY other mom out there.

In the first segment, you’ll hear from a handful of mamas as they share the various things they do when they need to take a breath, steal a quiet moment (or an hour!), or take a step away and regroup/refocus. As ALWAYS, thank you so much to these women for getting honest, getting vulnerable, and sharing a piece of their motherhood stories, so we don’t have to feel alone in ours!

My guest on the podcast today is Erin Pepler. She’s a Canadian freelance writer, and the recent author of her first book, ‘Send Me into the Woods Alone - Essays on Motherhood’. Erin’s writing has been featured in a number of prominent magazines and online blogs and websites, and she just has such an incredible way with words. She’s funny, she’s truthful, and she doesn’t shy away from the difficult moments of motherhood. This book is motherhood gold, mamas. Have a listen to our interview, and then get your hands on a copy (links below)!

Have you checked out the podcast website yet? If not, click this link to find resources from past episodes, read guest bios, or check out some of the blog posts and ‘must-haves’ for motherhood that have been shared so far...feel free to leave a review for the podcast while you are there!

‘Another Story Bookshop’ (where I got MY copy in Toronto, ON)
Indigo link for book, or check the stock at local indie bookstores near you
Amazon.com link for book
Barnes & Noble link for book
Waterstones link for book

@erinpepler (Twitter)
@erinpepler (Instagram)
@erinpeplerwriter (Facebook)

Erin’s 'MOTHERHOOD MUST-HAVES' for Motherhood
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Erin Pepler


Erin Pepler is a freelance writer who lives in the greater Toronto area with her husband and two kids. Her work has appeared in Today’s Parent, ParentsCanada, SavvyMom, Romper, Scary Mommy, MoneySense, Broadview Magazine and more. You can find Erin on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as at erinpepler.com.