"Because the more we all raise our hands and share our OWN motherhood stories, the less alone you might ultimately feel in YOURS."
July 4, 2022

E9 - Motherhood Tips for Finding TIME & Rediscovering Yourself

E9 - Motherhood Tips for Finding TIME & Rediscovering Yourself

Hey Mama - in today's episode, we're talking about finding time and rediscovering yourself after motherhood.

In the first segment, I interview Aga Lawrynowicz about reclaiming our time (and….ourselves, really!). Aga’s a Seattle-based Life-Coach for busy moms and the founder of 'Choose Clarity'; she strives to help women ‘redesign their lives and win back their time’...now, does that sound spectacular to anybody else, or is it just me?! If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had more time since becoming a mom, or found yourself missing the person you were BEFORE motherhood - this might be just the episode for you. It’s a great chat - so don’t miss it!

Later in the episode, you’ll hear from Bekah & Brook - they’re friends, licensed therapists, co-founders & creators of ‘In This Moment Box’ - an experiential subscription box service designed for both children AND parents, that aims to make mindfulness an accessible and easy practice for the entire family. If you like fun 'parent' gifts, pre-packaged educational crafts for your kiddos, and a chance to learn how to slow down and enjoy the moment….have a listen! I’ll have a promo code for 10% off at the end of the show for any moms interested in trying it out.

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'Choose Clarity' - Aga's business website
@chooseclarity.io - Aga's instagram account - follow for helpful tips and Instagram Lives!
'In This Moment Box' - Bekah & Brook's business website
@inthismomentbox - Instagram account

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Rae Lynn Minke

Aga LawrynowiczProfile Photo

Aga Lawrynowicz

Life coach speaker and funder

Aga Lawrynowicz is a mom of two school-age girls and a stepmom of two college boys. After becoming a mother and discovering that nothing about motherhood went as predicted, Aga dedicated years to her personal healing and realized that empowering moms and creating community are her passions.
She quit her oil and gas consulting career to go back to school and support moms.
Aga's mission is to deconstruct the common image of motherhood promoted by our culture. She leads moms to reconnect within, reclaim their time, and relearn how to do motherhood so they thrive.