Mama, have you ever asked yourself, " I the ONLY one experiencing this!?!"
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Marjorie Walker

Physiotherapist and Osteopathic Manual Therapist (with advanced training in Pelvic Health)

Marjorie is a Physiotherapist and Osteopathic Manual Therapist with advanced training in Pelvic Health. Marjorie has been practicing for nearly 10 years including clinics in New Zealand and Australia. She now calls Vancouver home and has her own private practice where she treats people of all ages and stages of life, from pregnant moms and new borns, to weekend warriors and the elderly.

May 16, 2022

E3 - Postpartum Recovery - Padsicles, Pelvic Floors, & What NOT to Fo…

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Raise Your Hand Motherhood Podcast! In today's episode, we're talking about POSTPARTUM RECOVERY . We spend months preparing ourselves for the arrival of our baby……and now that we’re home, with a ne...

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