"Because the more we all raise our hands and share our OWN motherhood stories, the less alone you might ultimately feel in YOURS."
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Hi, I'm Mel
I’m a clinical herbalist, environmental educator, host of The Herbalist’s Path Podcast, but most importantly, I’m the momma of a sweet young daughter.

I have this crazy passion for teaching other mommas how to use plants as medicine in the most safe and effective ways so that you can save your family time and money as you become a confident and empowered healer in your home.

I spent 12 years of my life running a successful herbal products company that was sold in the best natural food stores, co-ops, and more all across the country, and now it's time for me to teach you how you can make herbal remedies that actually work & taste great too!

I’m a firm believer that the more people that use plants as medicine, the more chance we have to make this world a better, healthier place. So, I’m on a mission to inspire a movement where there's an herbalist in every home… AGAIN!

And there’s no better people to help make herbalism #SpreadLikeWildFlowers than mommas just like you!

Dec. 5, 2022

SICK AND TIRED: Mom Guilt & Anxiety in this 'New Season' of Flu Season

Hey Mamas, In today's episode, we're talking about something that seems to be on everybody’s lips (…and in everybody’s homes!)…..that’s right, we’re discussing this new season of flu season , and the ANXIETY , the EXHAUSTION ...

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