"Because the more we all raise our hands and share our OWN motherhood stories, the less alone you might ultimately feel in YOURS."

Best motherhood podcast!

I found this podcast when my therapist suggested that I listen to a podcast that felt relatable to what I am going through as a new mom. And THIS IS IT!

Looking forward to Season 2

I am enjoying the podcast and looking forward to season 2. Hearing stories from other moms certainly makes me feel less alone, especially when hearing other moms going through similar challenges and feeling some of the same emotions. Thank you for creating this content and sharing it with all of us! You are doing an amazing job as a mama and podcaster!

‘High Five’ ✋Mamas

I have very much enjoyed the ‘Raise Your Hand’ motherhood podcast since subscribing. It offers interesting interviews, fun reoccurring segments, and a wide variety of experiences (the highs and the challenges) of motherhood. As a mother of two, with one on the way, the podcast topics have been relevant at all stages of the journey- pre-babe, newborn, toddler and beyond. I look forward to more topics, viewpoints and takes on the wild ride that is motherhood!

An amazing podcast for all Mamas!

This podcast is IT! If your a mom or a mother figure, I highly recommend listening to this pod. I love Rae and the energy she brings and have enjoyed every guest, each speaking on a relatable topic that makes you feel less alone in your own journey.. 10/10 recommend!!

Loved being a part of this empowering podcast

Rae provides a fantastic resource for mums at all phases of motherhood to support, encourage and empower.


So I’m Rae’s actual Mama(!) and I’ve had a front row seat as her very impressive, very relevant new motherhood podcast has gone from just-a-thought through to launch. Rae’s own first-time parenthood struggles/challenges have been very REAL; and in ‘Raise Your Hand’ she is creating the community that she, and all the rest of us mamas need (myself included), to really GET that we’re not alone in this gig however much it might feel that way sometimes. I listen to each episode and find myself learning, laughing, commiserating, and remembering. My favourite semi-regular segment is Rae’s ‘Stroller Thoughts’ where she muses in a refreshingly honest way about things like park-paranoia and sugar-as-self-care while pushing her toddler around her neighbourhood’s streets. Rae has an easy, engaging manner with her guest interviews, and I love the suggestions, advice, and confessions of real-life mothers sprinkled in and amongst. My favourite so far was the newish mom who admits to stepping outside from time to time where her ‘little’ can’t hear her and screaming ‘FUUUUCK!’ at the top of her lungs! Who amongst us cannot relate to that!!

Honest, Informative and Enjoyable

This is the podcast I didn't know I was missing in my motherhood journey. I've been enjoying listening to the episodes on the various topics and have definitely found myself 'raising my hand' throughout the episodes. I don't think I could pick a favourite episode but what I can say is that I'm enjoying the collective sense of 'me too'. The variety of topics related to motherhood that are covered have given me a sense of being seen and heard. Its so refreshing to hear from people whose lives/lived experiences are different then mine and yet there is so much common ground around similar feelings and sentiments. Definitely a must listen podcast for expecting, new or seasoned parents alike.

A real podcast for real parenting

Where was this podcast when I became a first time mama!? But seriously it has all the information and stories you need and want for both new and veteran moms. My new favourite podcast!

A real podcast for real parenting!

Where was this podcast when I became a first time mama!? Seriously every new mom and veteran mom needs to listen to this. It’s the real stories and information you need and want to hear. Definitely my new favourite podcast to listen to.

Intelligent, accessible, and real ❤️❤️❤️

I love this podcast. I think it’s actually my favourite pregnancy podcast out there, and also female focussed podcast. I found that others can be too frenetic or patronising or “wacky”, but this is beautifully curated honest truths about real experiences that help you not feel alone in this incredibly lonely time. I feel like it’s a group of new friends that are sharing their experiences in my own home with a cup of tea. There is no judgement or aggression, just something beautiful. I also really love the fb community who have been so helpful and supportive too.

The podcast you never knew you needed!

I don't have children, but this podcast has opened my eyes to some of the issues I need to be aware of if/when I ever do decide to have babies. Rae's approach is warm and inquisitive, and I feel as though I'm in a room with my dearest and wisest friends when I listen to her interviewing her amazing guests. This is a podcast that all mamas, mamas-to-be, and people who think they might one day want to have kids should listen to, so they're armed and empowered with all the information you need to support you through pregnancy prep, pregnancy, and post-natal care. Thank you Rae and guests for sharing your experiences, expertise and tips!

Rae was born to be on radio

I love hearing your voice, you're a natural and how you have normalized the crazy thoughts we have as mums! So easy to listen to.

Mom Guilt

Episode 2 on Mom Guilt resonated so strongly with me! Recently choosing to make the switch to stay home with my kids while they are young, and having anxiety about losing a lot of the childcare we had been paying for, has me questioning... am I cut out for this? Really loved the discussion between Rae and Mary Catherine Starr!

Doula Dollars!!

I enjoyed listening to episode 1, the conversation between Rae and her Doula was informative. I appreciated the tips on how to make having a doula more affordable, we did not have one for either of my babies, partially due to the cost... now I may reconsider if we go on to have a third! Found this episode a little lengthy... it was difficult to find the time to dedicate to the full 57 minutes... so just broke it down and listened in smaller chunks! Looking forward to hearing episode 2!